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Outgrown Film at Hip Hop Film Festival

New York, NY - The third edition of the award-winning Hip Hop Film Festival, presented by 247Films.tv, returns August 2nd to August 5th at the National Black Theatre. The 2018 season features over 100 filmmakers born after 1960 (the Hip Hop Cultured), who are driving the newest trends in content creation, storytelling and cinematic excellence. Outgrown Film screened on August 1st, The Opening night of the HHFF, to an amazing audience. In attendance was Outgrown Star Howie Sheard as “Reggie” and Outgrown’s Co-Star Blasina Olowe as “Sam”.

CR Capers"?" Founder of Hiphop Film Festival: I wanted to take two minutes out to say that you guys are amazing. Listen, keep doing what you're doing. You guys are nominated for Best Picture of the festival.

At the festival, we do everything we can to promote stories from a culture and faces from the culture, and you guys are so young. You have a huge career ahead of you. Listen to your mom, yes, and keep telling stories that relate true to you. I had to come and say that because it's not often that they

(CR Capers Founder of Hiphop Film festival, shares inspiration and shares her appreciation to Howie and Blasina for their roles in Outgrown)

hear that. You have to tell stories that relate true to who you are as a person. What I saw on that screen, which was relatable, which was believable to me, to the jury, to everybody else, was that it related true to you. It is what we see when we think of our kids, when we think of ourselves. How you carried yourselves, how you were ingenious with your plans. How jumped on helicopters and did whatever there was to do. The fact that you were new actors and you were able to embody the spirit. I want you guys to keep doing what you're doing and stay true to yourselves. Okay? And congratulations on your nomination, you guys are amazing.

How did you come up with the idea for Outgrown?

Sam Hicks Executive, Producer, Writer & Director of Photography of Outgrown

The way I came up with Outgrown, the idea was really from the relationship with my niece and nephew. Yeah, they were just like... I really wrote it, the relationship... When I was writing it, I didn't see it on the screen, but I'm saying my nieces and my nephew are Cardi B fans, and they love hip-hop and I was amazed by the relationship they had. So I'm a big fan of hip-hop and I'm saying that Outkast was very pivotal when I was growing up in Mississippi.

Outgrown Film at Hip Hop Film Festival

Is this your first film? Is this your first time acting with this onscreen, on-Broadway, and what are you looking to do forward with your career?

Blasina Olowe:
Actually it is, because I've just started acting at that point. I went to two auditions and then I got that. I thought, "Oh my god!" I thought, "I've got to get prepared." It was just really fun, and I'm looking forward to being in a TV show. I also love dramatics, and I just love being there sharing my experience. It's hard to explain because I get inspired by other people and I want to inspire other people, like how I got inspired. Yeah.

What do you guys see in the future? You know, this is your first project and it sounds like you had the bug going. So where do you see yourself next in two, three, four, five years?

Howie Sheard:
Before, my cousin inspired this interest ... I watched BET film films, I like The New Addition, I watched those, the black films. I watched The New Addition documentary and the Bobby Brown film. I watched those in a two part. You know, The Tupac All Eyez on Me, those were fire. I like those movies that actually mean something. I do like fun, I like comedy, but it's a good mix.

What do you guys see in the future? You know, this is your first project and it sounds like you had the bug going. So where do you see yourself next in two, three, four, five years?

Blasina Olowe:
I feel like this is all a new adventure, and I don't know where it's going to take me. It's like an ocean, I’m moving to find my place.So, I’ll just see where it takes me. I'll just go with the flow.

During the award ceremony held on Sunday August 4, 2019 Outgrown were nominated for Best Picture and Best wardrobe.

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